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Deep FieldThe Impossible Magnitude of our Universe

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The cosmos at your fingertips

Cosmic Watch is an interactive tool that lets you view the Earth, solar system and celestial sphere from your hometown, all rendered in stunning 3D graphics,

The Cosmic Watch app isn’t just a beautiful clock, but also an astronomical instrument that lets the user view the cycles of Earth, the solar system and the celestial sphere in real-time 3D visuals. Users can select a home location from a database of 23,000 cities and towns across Earth to see the sky from that location in real-time, at a specific time and date or over a given period. In astronomy mode, you can view the real-time position of the moon, planets and constellations. Astrology mode lets the user view the planets with their ancient zodiac signs, leaving the interpretation of the movement of the moon and planets up to the user.

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