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It’s Asteroid Day Tomorrow!

Worried about the devastating impact that an asteroid could have on our planet? Fear no more – Asteroid Day is here and is raising awareness about asteroids and what can be done to protect earth.

Asteroid day began in 2015 and brings together asteroid experts with a large community of concerned citizens. Founded by Dr Brian May (astrophysicist and Queen guitarist), Danica Remy (COO of B612), Grigorij Richters and Rusty Schweickart, Asteroid Day is a global awareness campaign where “people from around the world come together to learn about asteroids, the impact hazard they may pose, and what we can do to protect our planet, families, communities, and future generations from future asteroid impacts”.

Check out the official website for more information on Asteroid Day, details on Asteroid Day events happening around the plant and helpful resources. There is also a 48-hour live Asteroid Day broadcast hosted by Prof. Brian Cox beginning at 6am ET on June 29.

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