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Scientific Research Project: Music and Wellbeing

“There is growing interest in virtual experiences of cultural activities: whether they can help to reach isolated individuals, how they affect people emotionally and how they compare to real-life experiences. However, to date there is very little research. This study will look at the phenomenon of the virtual choir through a two phase research study for a project delivered in collaboration with Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir (VC).”

Dr. Daisy Fancourt

As part of VC5, singers took part in a research study delivering vital scientific data to University College London to support research into the experience of virtual cultural events – specifically, being part of the Virtual Choir.

The research looked at the following areas in more detail:

  1. What are people’s motivations for taking part in a VC?
  2. How does engagement with a VC compare to experiences of real choirs?
  3. Does taking part in a VC help people to feel more connected to others?
  4. Does taking part in a VC enhance people’s wellbeing?

The results were published in 2019 and found that singing in a Virtual Choir:

  1. boosts self-esteem
  2. reduces feelings of social isolation
  3. promotes better mental health

Read the full research in Frontiers in Psychology.