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Deep FieldThe impossible magnitude of our universe


Deep Field is a work of art, inspired by humanity’s sense of curiosity, endeavor, discovery and wonder.

This multi-media film paints the story of Hubble, the most famous and successful space observatory and its greatest discovery, the Deep Field. Using stunning imagery captured by the Hubble Space Telescope and expertly created animations, this beautiful film journeys through space and time to the far edges of the observable Universe, exploring its impossible magnitude and the sheer beauty of our planet from outer-space.

The soundtrack to the film is Grammy-winning composer & conductor Eric Whitacre’s symphonic work, Deep Field, and will feature the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Eric Whitacre Singers and Virtual Choir 5, representing thousands of singers from 120 countries across the globe. Due for release later this year, Deep Field is being crafted by a team of gifted creatives, scientists and imagineers at the Space Telescope Science Institute and Tony-winning 59 Productions. As well as being released online, we anticipate that Deep Field will be shown in planetariums, art & science festivals, concert halls and space agency sites worldwide.

Deep Field is a celebration of STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, art and design, and math).

We’ve created some fun challenges inspired by STEAM so you can learn more about anything from Fibonacci to Flying Machines, Music to Math or Singing to Spiral Galaxies. Can you master the challenges and collect all the badges?

Keep a look out for badges across the site or tap one of the hexagons to get started.

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  • Art and Design
  • Math

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